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Rowing Series Part 2: Steady State

The ultimate reason for this series/post is to slowly prepare a general population non-competitive rower to try a 2km test (strategy coming soon!), which is the length of a race for competitive rowers and a fun (read: masochistic) way to test…
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Rowing Series Part 1: The Erg

I can hear it from across a busy gym: your inefficient, sloppy, powerless rowing stroke. If you have a crappy stroke, you're missing out on power development, efficiency in your training, and any semblance of respectable numbers with meters or…
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My First Powerlifting Meet

This past Saturday was my first powerlifting meet… this is just a bit of a reflection/recap of the day. So first off, I had a few reasons why I wanted to compete: Walk the walk. The teenage girls I spend…
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4 Ways To Train Like A Professional Athlete

Recently, Tony Bonvechio from Cressey Sports Performance wrote an article about NOT training like an athlete, which you can find here: It is a great article and I completely agree with his points – life demands and goals for general…
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